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Klein & More AG + Co. KG - design distribution since 1987
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Klein & More - design distribution since 1987

Our credo: design is more

Delight in beautiful things, enthusiasm for good design, respect for extraordinary designers, discerning customers and many partners of a successful company – this has been carrying weight with Klein & More since 25 years and connects two generations.

The 'eternal values' of design

Ever since the company's formation in the 80s, company founder Gerd F. Klein has dedicated himself to the 'everlasting values' of design and has presented the magic of 'the world of small things' to a public hungry for design.

Exquisite products were discovered and produced, partly in limited editions, with courage to take risks and with a lot of optimism. A good reputation wasn't long in coming; given the articles produced being of high quality and good design. No wonder that international collections and prestigious designers requested and often found terms of collaboration with Klein & More.

Names like Max Bill, Michele de Lucchi, Bruno Ninaber van Eyben, Philipp Starck, Jasper Morrison, Max Kistner are only a few examples of designers whose products were discovered within the Klein & More collection for the first time. Young designers, experiments with forms and functions, new perspectives and dynamic redevelopment record in equal terms the dynamics of design in general and of a company that describes its philosophy enthusiastically with 'design is more'. Remaining true to this philosophy, today more than 200 articles have been selected, are partly self-produced and are distributed exclusively: they constitute traditions and point to the future, they shape cultural trends, they work technically and emotionally, deliver formal quality and come with honest aesthetics and authenticity. They are original, significant and stand out thanks to their longevity and consistency – they are appropriate to become ‚everlasting values’ and satisfy international standards of quality.

Today they represent an important antithesis to cheap, anonymous mass-produced goods. Our collection includes carefully produced items of modern lifestyle, from watches and trendy accessories to beautiful gifts and small pieces of furniture.

Symbiosis of form & function

Design that simplifies our life and brings delight into an everyday routine that is often stressful, also means to combine form and function while applying the latest in technology and electronics. Klein & More has devoted itself consistently to this field and has presented and launched successfully high-quality audio systems by Geneva Lab, robot vacuums by iRobot and air improvers by Stadler Form.

Exclusive distribution rights

Klein & More has acquired numerous exclusive distribution rights, such as of the world market leader iRobot and of the well-shaped domestic appliances of the Swiss Stadler Form company for the German and Austrian markets.

Klein & More distributes articles of the Japanese cult label Plusminuszero (Naoto Fukasawa), exclusively in Germany, Austria, France and in Switzerland.

The glass baby bottles by lifefactory are offered exclusively by Klein & More in the whole of Europe. In addition, our own ‚classics’ collection with classics from yesterday, today and tomorrow is being expanded in great strides.

Our trading partners

Our trading partners include sophisticated retailers and selected catalogues such as Cairo, Ikarus, Topdeq, Pro Idee, Biber, manufactum + Magazin as well as the Lufthansa Worldshop and the premium shops of daily newspapers and magazines. The American market is handled by our partner agency Ameico. In collaboration with distribution partner POS this Hanseatic company is also operating in Japan.

Generation-spanning collaboration in terms of design

Our company was founded in Hamburg in 1987 by Gerd F. Klein. In 2005 his oldest son Sebastian took over the reins as a chief executive officer. The strategic direction of the business remains with the founder in his capacity as the chairman of the supervisory board. Today the family business presents itself as a medium-sized company with worldwide operations and 35 employees at its headquarter in Hamburg – vigorous, cosmopolitan and successful.

Yours faithfully, Gerd F. and Sebastian Klein

Hamburg, July, 2012